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The LGBT Giving Network is a project of the Community One Foundation

The LGBT Giving Network brings together organizations to work together to engage and cultivate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied donors to help secure leadership gifts and long-term financial support to build stronger LGBT communities in Canada. It provides forums for member agencies to come together at the LGBT Philanthropy Conference as well as through community networking events. The donor recognition event provides an opportunity for members to profile and celebrate their supporters. The Network also strives to provide regular philanthropy education and tools to assist member agencies.

The LGBT Giving Network was formed to address the need for improved engagement between non-profit agencies, donors and businesses interested in LGBT communities and issues.

Over the past decade, philanthropy in Canada has grown significantly. During this time there has been a noticeable emergence of new levels of major gift donations within the LGBT community by leading gay philanthropists. Meanwhile, in the United States, LGBT philanthropy has become a strategic tool to advance the cause of LGBT equality rights. In recognition of this trend, a group of individuals from a number of LGBT organizations and causes in the Greater Toronto Area came together in the summer of 2006 to discuss ways of furthering the development of LGBT leadership in philanthropy in this country in order to support LGBT issues, advocacy and causes. Broader discussions of what was taking place in the United States led to the idea of producing a national conference on LGBT philanthropy in Canada. The Network was formed as a project of the Community One Foundation to lead such a conference and support the goals and vision defined through the six pillars. The Network was formed as a project of the Community One Foundation and hopes to raise the bar on philanthropy by offering professional development opportunities and other services to raise more funds to meet their goals. The Network currently has 31 member partner organizations, and Advisory Board of 15 individuals.