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The LGBT Giving Network is a project of the Community One Foundation

LGBT Philanthropy Conference

The 4th LGBT Giving Network Philanthropy Conference is scheduled for the fall of 2013.

The conference offers opportunities for professional development in fundraising and communications to strengthen organizations. It provides excellent networking and lively discussions on how to increase revenue for charities that serve the LGBT community. There is a wide range of highly experienced fundraising and marketing professionals that will deliver sessions to help increase the revenue for your organization. The conference is geared towards staff, volunteers, board members, allied professionals, government representatives, business people and others who believe in building strong organizations that serve the LGBT community.

The objectives of the conference include:

  1. To generate debate and ideas on how to further develop a culture of giving within the LGBT community
  2. To identify potential donors and advocates concerned with LGBT issues
  3. To increase awareness and broaden financial support by individuals, foundations and corporations to meet the LGBT community’s needs
  4. To educate individuals about leadership and legacy giving in the LGBT community and act as an information resource for potential supports of LGBT issues
  5. To raise awareness of the multitude of LGBT organizations that are achieving results in youth programming, housing, education, arts and culture, advocacy and health care related to the LGBT community
  6. To explore possible interest in creating formal structures to advance research and growth in LGBT philanthropy and to create links with similar organizations in Canada, the United States and abroad
  7. To demonstrate to the wider community LGBT leadership in philanthropy


Donor Recognition Event

Philanthropy is at the heart of the LGBT Giving Network. Without the support of donors and philanthropists, the member agencies simply could not carry out their critical work.

The LGBT Giving Network is proud to provide member agencies the opportunity to celebrate and recognize their donors at this event. The last event, hosted by Charles Pachter, Mark S. Bonham and Jamie Watt, was a huge success. The next event is scheduled for fall 2012 and you don’t want to miss it!