LGBT Philanthropy

 40 Years of LGBT Philanthrophy by Anthony Bowen, LGBT Issues

LGBTQ Grantmaking Report by US Foundations

Toronto Star Article: Childless, Giving and Gay

Community One shows that charity begins at home

Bequests ensure LGBT community’s future in San Francisco Philanthropists ensure gay community’s future

Funders for LGBTQ Issues (NYC)

Fundraising Resources

Fundraising-Doing-it-Better by Mo Davies
A presentation from Mo Davies (Mo Davies & Associates) that offers basic fundraising concepts.

Mo-Davies-Draft-Agency-Fundraising-Capacity-Inventory by Mo Davies
A form to assess your organizational readiness for fundraising (Mo Davies & Associates)

A useful form to determine effectiveness of your fundraising letters

 Face-to-face fundraising by Tony Elischer, THINK Consulting Services
A short document that addresses the fears of asking for money face-to-face.

 Fundraisers – Canaries in the Coalmine?  by Cathy Mann
An article about the role of fundraisers in nonprofit organizations.

Funding Research Links

Big Online
Funder database

Charity Village
Lists of Canadian foundations and corporate funders

Community Foundations of Canada

Fundsnet Services
Lists of foundations and grants

Imagine Canada
Foundation and corporate databases

Prospect Research Online

Philanthropic Foundations of Canada

Sponsorship Report
Information on Canada’s sponsorship community

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